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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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issue and the other side always says -- [ talking over each other ] >> i think there's a big divide toon the two parties right now on this issue of medicare and medicaid. >> sean: we gotta go. good to see everybody. thank you for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: from wisconsin to washington. he stirred things up in wisconsin. now governor walker comes to washington. is he stirring up things here? he's on the set and we'll tell you why he is here and what he was doing. >> has donald trump gone over the line? do republicans think the donald is pushing the birther issue past the limit and now causing damage to the republican party? we find out from governor huckabee. if you fly for business or pleasure or if members of your family flies, do not touch that remote. keep it right here. inside report coming that up you must hear. >> rush limbaugh says
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president obama is slapping one republican when it comes to the budget who? rush is going to tell you. >> right here, right now, congresswoman michelle bachmann. she said no today to her house republican leadership and no to the 2011 fiscal year budget. why? let's ask her. congresswoman bachmann joins us. you are not too popular today. at least not in the republican circles on capitol hill. >> i know the people i've heard from on the phone today are very happy that i voted no against the budget. they expected more. we had a mandate from the right in november. they said get serious about cutting the deficit. get serious about cutting spending and please defund obama care. unfortunately, that didn't happen. i couldn't vote for the budget. it didn't do what i had hoped. >> greta: the hang up mostly was the defunding of the national health care. you never had any intention whether it was 40 or 38
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billion -- >> there's a -- gallup had a poll that cape out two days ago. now obama care is down to an all time low of 35% approval that means 2/3 of the american people public don't want this bill. they want it defunded. we could have won this issue, i'm fully convinced. >> greta: have you spoken to speaker boehner about your vote before or after? >> i don't disclose what guess on in conversations like that. but he's open and willing to speak to any of us and i have a good relationship with him. >> greta: why wind the issue of the defunding in it? >> well, i think there's a difference of opinion. and a difference of strategy. one camp felt this was a battle that couldn't be won. i felt it was. we have the people on our side. the lead-up to november, the american people understood obama care. they understood what was in that bill. they wanted us to get rid of it and fight. seniors it. they knew barack obama took half a trillion, 500 billion
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dollars out of medicare and shifted it to obama care. we had seniors on that vote. every age span, every gender, every economic sector with us on this issue. i know we could have won this fight. >> greta: friday night when we were doing the show. the vote went down during our two hour show. many republicans were taking a victory lap because it was 38 billion dollars and a spending cut. last night reread a nonpartisan scores it is suddenly 350 million dollars, profoundly less. is there a reaction in echoing in the republican side of the house of representatives that the deal was a bad deal and they never should have agreed or are republicans satisfied with it? >> some are, some aren't. there is an echoing that was a story in the national journal. the numbers were from the congressional budget office that said we went from 38.5 billion to 352 million.
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we contacted cbo to see what those up ins were. to be fair to the house leadership. the 38.5 million is a true number -- >> greta: billion. >> thank you, billion meaning they were cutting that much out of authorization. the cbo number is also correct, because what they're is, they are seeing those are actual cuts, but more than that could be cut within that allowance. it is complicated. >> greta: is the other a little bit fantasy cuts the 38 billion? money that wasn't even authorized to be spent? >> i voted against it. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm in trouble enough already as it is. >> greta: iowa, i looked in the des moines register tonight there's your picture. you are all over the iowa newspaper. senator santorum said he's testing the waters. i know you are from iowa.
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you're moving in that direction you agree to run without any formal declaration? >> i am moving in that direction. but i haven't made an announcement yet i am and i don't expect to until early june. it is a momentous decision. there's a lot of pieces and moving parts. we've done well on fundraising. we raised more money than anyone else considering running. it is a broad base level. they are small donations, maybe $45 on average. but it is from people across the united states. they recognize that i'm not a part of the political establishment. and i want to fight the political establishment that's something people appreciate. >> greta: i think the money is huge. two million. >> over two million. >> greta: since money seems to be so important, regretably it is such an important part of our politics. what is it that would tip your thought in either direction not to run or to run? in light of the fact that you seem to be able to raise
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money. >> my husband and i both have to know that we know that we know this is the right thing to do. we have to be fully convinced. you hear people say they have to have a fire in the belly. to go through something like a presidential run it is going through a meat grinder. it isn't just me, my husband, our kids. every part of our life is gone through. we have to make sure we can do that. like anything else i've done, i'm a tax lawyer i've tried hundreds of cases. we've built a business. i run other campaigns. you have to plan, put the resources together to get to yes and success. everything i've done i've planned that's what we are in the process of doing. bringing resources and people together to make sure that if we do this, we are successful. >> greta: congresswoman, nice to see you. we'll be watching carefully. >> thank you. >> greta: love it or hate it the 2011 budget is now behind us. how about 2012? we went to the senate. we spoke to one of the gang of six. bipartisan group of senators.
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republican senator tom coburn goes on the record. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: senator simpson of the debt commission has been quoted as saying praise to the gang of six. you are part of the gang of six. >> i'll take prayer any time i can get it. the task is our task. that's what was so disappointing about the president's speech yesterday. leadership would say you describe the problem to the american people and bring us together to solve it. that's when america excels when we are together, we identify what the problem is. instead, he passed that opportunity up to engage the american people on the severity of the problem and the urgency of the problem and made a political speech. i was disappointed. >> greta: how far or how close are you in terms of the gang of six coming up with a plan? >> we're pretty far along. it is not agreed to until it is all agreed to.
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we have touch issues to still work on. other than that, that's the max detail i'll go into. because we can't negotiate it through the media. but the fact is, you got three senators on each side, all of them diverse that recognize the problem. we've all been willing to take the heat that is coming with this. if we come up with a plan that everybody hates, it is going to be a great plan. because means we will have gored everybody's eyes in terms of getting out of this problem. that's what it is going to take. in my opinion if you were to get the secretary of the treasury to speak with you, off-the-record, he would tell you, he's worried. and he should be. the congress is not doing what is necessary. we saw imf this week said you are not doing what is necessary to establish confidence in your debt. that's what imf told america this week. >> greta: we had the debt
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commission, i realize it is congress' job the debt commission worked hard that was bipartisan they voted they didn't get the right vote and that was sort of rejected. have we abandoned what the debt commission did, all their hard work? >> i don't think we need to. nobody is going to get their way on solving this problem. we have to solve the problem. everybody's gotta take a look in the mirror and say you can't get everything you want can you did that is best for the country. not for a particular party or reelection what is best for our country? how do we pull the consensus in the country to recognize how big and dangerous this problem is so we can have a consensus in washington. >> greta: i know you were unhappy with the speech yesterday. do you have confidence he is going to lead? >> i don't know. my hope was he's coming to the table late on this issue. he put out a budget that ignored this issue.
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i'm happy he's at the table. but, i've been through what he's proposed to do and it won't work and it work. 80% of the budget is the three programs he says he doesn't want to significantly touch. we can't get out of the problem unless we fix medicare. unless we fix medicaid. unless we create long term haven't for social security. it is -- the programs he wants to protect is going down the tubes if we don't make major changes. negotiations are tough, hard, open, honest. about what we need and what we have to get and what we need to try to do for the country. the focus isn't about president obama and the democratic party or the republican party it is about the american people and how do we solve a problem and bring that forward. >> greta: when can we
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anticipate the gang of six product? >> i don't have any idea. >> greta: weeks, days? >> it is weeks. >> greta: thank you. it isn't just some republicans who don't like the 11 budget some democrats done like it either. joining us is democratic congressman ryan of ohio. you don't like the 2011 budget, why? >> i don't think in agreement with the simpson-bowles agreement, we are just getting out of a fragile economy now is not the time to this isn't where the money is. the money in the entitlement programs, long terp. i think this was more about show than economics. >> greta: i read a statement issued, your office issued they didn't like the draconian cuts to crucial local programs. i'm with you on helping the children. one is like headstart programs. i did a little research.
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how is headstart doing? i was scandalized to find in the district of columbia, 12% of 8th graders were reading at 8th grid level. i'm thinking, i don't want to cut money from these programs. should we do something about the programs? >> i don't think there is doubt we need reforms within these programs. there's cutting-edge education programs we need to reevaluate and restructure our education system, no question. but now is not the time to be cutting these programs talking about 8th grade. these are young kids who don't have any other places to go they are preventing long term damage to our economy and the health health and welfare. for every dollar we invest in headstart we get five to seven back in our economy. >> greta: if it worked 8th graders would have been the product. if our education system is not doing well -- a lot of upset
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is not that people don't want to help. but they are doing dumb things that are not effective. >> this is not the place to blame headstart from the time they leave the program to the 8th grid especially in washington, d.c. one of the most violent cities in the country. a lot has happened since the time they left headstart program. to throw test scores of an 8th grader on to the head of the head still start program is unfair. >> greta: what about the -- what are we [ unintelligible ] if we are throwing money at headstart then doing zero now we are at the 12% level -- [ unintelligible ] that's pathetic. something is wrong. drastically wrong. >> i agree. some of the things we have to do, there's a conference in washington, d.c. today, social and emotional learning happening in poke s across our country. 250 to 300,000 analysis of kids 11 period of time tile
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increase in test scores closes the achievement gap. 10% in good behavior, 10% increase in anti-social behavior looked at as a major reform to the education system. dealing with social and emotional issues that these kids have to deal with before they can start learning. >> greta: it seems there are two things that bother me, one is waste, which you and i didn't get to. the other is, if we are going to spend that money. people want to get something for the dollar. i think that's where there has been so much feeling on oversight and congress getting the -- >> i would be more concern with the waste in afghanistan and iraq. >> greta: i don't like waste any place. >> i don't like it either. a lot of people focus on the headstart program. my concern is where is the shared sacrifice? we are pounding on headstart. we are going to end medicare as we know it. defund medicaid significantly
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no one is asking for the wealthiest people who have made -- >> greta: i have to go. i took headstart because that was in your statement. i realize it is miniscule. congressman, thank you. >> shared sacrifice. >> greta: our next guest says we have another problem. senator orrin hatch went on the record. nice to see you. yesterday the president said he wants to to raise taxes on people who make more than $250,000 a year, is that going to happen? >> his whole approach yesterday was let's raise taxes. he has two trillion of taxes and his approach to it. it isn't a tax problem we have in this country it is a spending problem. he's unwilling to doing anything about spending. he spent most of his time trashing congressman ryan's budget approach. whatever you think of paul ryan's budget approach, it is a serious effort to try and get spending under control.
10:16 pm
i don't see the administration doing anything about spending. >> greta: what do you think about the fact that he had congressman ryan sitting there in the front row? is that just politics, you are used to that? >> i hope he didn't invite him it would have been rude to do that. i was rude. i don't mind people talking about issues, but you know, he spent a lot of time trashing congressman ryan's program. look, if you know paul ryan he's a decent, honorable person he's doing his best to try to get spending under control. of course this administration is not serious about spending. we have to fixho,p entitlements program, cut spending try and move towards a balanced budget. we've got to quit these colossal federal programs that are eating us alive. yet they seem to want to create more. >> greta: how about the tax code? the debt commission wanted to get rid of 3300 earmarks. we read this week ge making
10:17 pm
billions, they do it legally, they avoid taxes, they pay no taxes. with all this con on those who make $250,000 about the big corporations? >> we do need to reform the tax code that going to take a real effort. i don't think you will get that done this year or next. it going to take a republican controlled congress to do it right. >> greta: you can exonerate republicans in all this. >> republicans can do a much better job too. like i say, i've been hear a long tie. we've never had a fiscal conservative majority, until recently. we've been getting republicans standing together, and our moderates have been standing together on these spending issues. we know that we have to resolve and modernize our entitlement programs and find savings there. if we don't, our kids aren't going to have social security.
10:18 pm
that is true not only of social security, it is true of medicaid and medicare that both well into the 30, 40 trillion of unfunded like. when are we gonna wake up and realize that it is spending that is killing the this country? >> greta: and waste and fraud. >> i should get back to that. there's no question that we can save hundreds of billions in waste and fraud if we have the desire. >> greta: it would help. >> it wouldn't answer the problem but it will go a long way towards getting everybody to start working to the and do what is right. what we don't need are more taxes so democrats can beat their breasts and say how compassionate they are with your money. they've been doing that for years and years. spending us blind with your money and then claiming that they are compassionate. come on, it is good to be compassionate. it is good to take care of those who can't take of them
10:19 pm
says. when are taking care of a lot of people who could take care of themselves but won't that is killing our country. you ask what are we doing about it? i used to be a democrat i couldn't stand this type of stuff. i was a democrat through byu, to a conservative school. i wok up one day and said they are spending us blind. it isn't right. -- we have to get more republicans so we can make these changes. i'll be darned, i'm ranking on the finance committee now if i become chairman in 2013, i expect to make sure republicans do what is right with regard to these spending republicans and see what we can do to tone this down and go after waste, fraud and abuse like never before. i think you know me. i think you know i mean that and i will do it. >> greta: senator, thank you sir. donald trump says he might run in 2012. is his investigation into
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>> greta: is he helping or
10:24 pm
hurting the republican party? donald trump is leading the birther movement as he flirts with a run for 2012. >> his grandmother said plainly he was in kenya until the handers went crazy and 60 seconds later she came up with a different answer but nobody heard it. there's a lot of crazy things going on. >> greta: what are you doing specifically? >> i'm looking into it very seriously. >> greta: former governor huckabee joins us. i back and forth a little with donald trump. i told him i thought he was wrong. nonetheless he seems to be full speed ahead this is this hurting the republican party? >> i don't think so. donald trump is in his own universe. he is a party unto himself. it causes a lot of people
10:25 pm
right now to pay a great deal of attention to him. they knew who he is. he doesn't have to establish his street ced as a person is extraordinary -- street cred as a person with extraordinary business savvy. i don't have an issue with president obama's birth certificate. i think he was born in hawaii, it is not an issue to me. i'm more concerned about where president obama may be taking the country than i am about his place of birth. >> greta: we've all seen the birth certificate it has been passed around a million times in the last two years. the birth announcement. there are a lot of people fighting this issue. nonetheless, a little digging and i know will generate a lot of controversy from some unhappy viewers. we've all seen at innocencement. you said he's not hurting the party this is really early. to the extent he's like ross
10:26 pm
perot and he's very popular, a lot of people sue pouring him. a very smart guy. very successful guy. he must in some way, in a rattle the cage in a more conventional efforts at the republican party towards seeking the white house. >> let's take the birth certificate issue. heat playing that. no other republican candidate that i'm aware of is talking about it and probably won't. why he's doing it is something that he has expressed many times. one of the concerns i would have if i were to run i would wonder would he demand to see my arkansas birth certificate? he may. that's something we have to look at. i don't think that is going to be a big issue we it comes down to the jen election i think by he will have his questions resolved. >> greta: i don'ty that will be the issue. i've seen the strong support for him. he's got a lot of very passionate people who are not just on this issue but other
10:27 pm
issues. to the examine didn't that he drives the passion and -- to the extent that he drives the passion and gets 20%, 30%, that's a problem for the republican party. >> he's bringing things up that need to be brought up. things i've said that no one is paying attention to. for example, the fact that china is taking us for a ride. the saudis not paying anywhere near what they should be paying. they get rich off our oil money and manipulate the price of oil. those are things that he's getting an extraordinary amount of attention more and -- attention for and i'm glad he is because they are issues we ought to be talking about at the national level. >> greta: according to the des moines register, he said that he's looking forward to spending time in iowa. certainly looks like he's going to be an enormous force in this race. certainly not going to be dull
10:28 pm
because he doesn't beat around the bush, ever. >> he doesn't and i think that is refreshing to americans. they want someone who is going to be leer. the clarity is lacking in president obama. one of the reasons i believe -- his numbers are so fragile now. he's going into libya, he's not. he wants gadhafi to leave, but he doesn't want to enforce it. on the economy he's not gonna push for a a debt ceiling that's a lack of leadership, armageddon if we don't. he's all over the map that lack of clarity and focus and attention to what is on fire in this country that is giving donald trump is extraordinary platform. and i think it is going to be good for the overall race. >> greta: are you a definite no for the race for twin 12? >> no, i'm a deficient -- for the 2012? >> no, i'm a definite seriously considering it. my decision will be made this summer. i'm not going to be pushed into making a decision earlier than i think is necessary this
10:29 pm
thing starts later than it did four years ago. it going to last longer because you don't have a front loaded primary system. it is going to be a very challenging . i think the earlier once goes out it going to be that much more expensive. maybe it is driven by the media's appetite. >> greta: love an early race it is fun and exciting. it is fun to watch democracy. i concede that. governor, thank you. >> always a pleasure greta. >> greta: he sparked wild protests and the talk of every state. now governor walker of wisconsin is in washington, d.c.. why? does it have anything to do with unions? he tells you himself, next. [ male announcer ] the network.
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plus get up to $500 when you open an account. >> greta: did you hear about governor walker?
10:34 pm
he was called to testify in a house hearing. today governor walker went on the record. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> greta: why are you here in washington? >> i testified in front of one of the committees in the house and congress and talked about the reforms we put in place to make government work better and they loved hearing about it. >> greta: if the collective bargaining goes through does this mean there will be no lay-offs for teachers? >> it depends on the district. districts that invoke those tools, you are not going to see massive lay-offs. the massive lay-offs you see in other state across the country will be avoided because of these reforms. >> greta: right now it is hung up in the courts so it is not in effect, right? >> i signed the bill into law almost a month ago. the circuit court has held it up because of a technicality. it is not a matter of if, but when it becomes law and that
10:35 pm
should be soon. the sooner we can do it -- we did this as part of a budget repair bill for the fiscal we did it to set it up for the next budget. we faced a 3.6 billion dollar deficit this allows us to save 1.7 billion dollars that more than offsets cuts we have in spending to local governments. >> greta: explain to me, in in the court system is not giving up know toys your opponents. why don't -- giving up notice to your opponents. you have your quorum, the assembly, house and the senate and you're going to sign it. why not go back into court and do it? you can have it done in three days? >> belief is what they did is legal and by backtracking that implies they didn't. for any attorney i've found other than those working for the , believe whether you agree with the law or not,
10:36 pm
they believe what the state senate did was legal. >> greta: but your hands are tied. had you don't that you would have this tool that you think is so important. >> our great concern was and for some reason if it off until june that would be a different matter they would have to consider bringing it up in the state budget which is the next spot we could act on and get it through. in this case if it gets resolved this week or income book we are in good shape. >> greta: then it goes to the wisconsin supreme court. >> if the circuit court rules it was legitimate -- i'm an optimist. i think the judge knows it is right. just wanted to not deal with it. i think the law is clear if the judge in the circuit court rules that way, we are in good shape. >> greta: if you lose in the circuit court are you going back in immediately? >> i think we have to look at that there has been good standing on the basis the law
10:37 pm
was followed. people may interpret what they like. you interpret what is there in black and white. it shows what they did was legitimate. >> greta: the big question is wisconsin is a swing state, i think people thought with your election that might mean 2012 -- [ unintelligible ] in light of the collective bargaining you have the situation where justice prosser 30 points up before in fight, now it is neck-and-neck and there is still no resolution in the supreme court and your old seat, has gone democratic. is that a statement that the democrats have come back in your state? >> no. this has always been a swing state about as purple a state it can get. in even in the gubernatorial election, united states senate each was close. >> greta: there's also an ordinance coming out of milwaukee in which a private
10:38 pm
ordinance said private businesses large and small had to give a certain number of sick days per year, nine days for large corporation five or something if you are small. now there's a bill that coming to you that says gets rid of that order thank. are you anti-labor? >> no, -- we just had great new job numbers come out for the third month in a row. we did that because we changed the business climatee(7 in wisconsin we made it friendly for small businesses, particularly for manufacturers. i people to work. >> greta: why get into that private dispute? collective bargaining is about state employees. >> two different things. milwaukee will become an island and players will move out. something i'm not saying my former opponent the mayor of raised the same concerns. he registered his opposition to the measure we it first came out he asked for relief from the legislature and
10:39 pm
government, he like the business community and others recognize if they don't fix this, the side effect is not going to be people granted more sick leave days it is going to be fewer people having jobs. we can't afford to have anybody in the state of wisconsin having fewer jobs. >> greta: in your testimony today you refered to your budget as progressive. >> in the best sense of the word. >> greta: are you tweaking wisconsin history? >> it is progressive. >> greta: why use that word? >> i had fun with that. tommy thompson had welfare and education reform. bill clinton welfare reform came because of thompson leading wait in the 90s. we are pushing budgetary reform that will put more people to work. all this talk about the mid 8 class from the labor and unions. middle class taxpayers get stuck with paying for more and more governments. -- finally time someone says we have to draw the line middle class can't pay for that any more.
10:40 pm
>> greta: what think about congressman ryan being seated yesterday in the front row and have the president sort of whack his land? >> paul ryan -- two -- paul ryan is one of the most politically courageous people i've seen. it would serve us all well if democrats and republicans had more courage like him to move this country forward. he's thinking about the next generation not just the next election that is critically important in this time. we it comes to the president he stuck his nose in our battle over our budget deficit when obviously there's a much larger crisis at the federal level. i pointed out the second time he stuck his nose in our debate that the president must know that federal employees other than postal workers do not have collective bargaining for wages and benefits and pay twice as much for their president should focus on the facts and stop worrying about beating people up. put-j8 out a land that has
10:41 pm
courage. at least have the courage to defend your plan instead of attacking others. >> greta: rush limb paw budget -- rush limbaugh talking about the president's budget speech. >> we have a live report on flying, next. [ male announcer ] if you've been to the hospital with heart-related chest pain or a heart attack known as acs, you may not wanto face the fact that you're at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps protect people with acs against heart attack or stroke: people like you. it's one of the most researched prescription medicines. goes beyond what they do alone by helping to keep blood plelets from sticking and forming dangerous clots. plavix. protection against heart attack or stroke in people with acs. [ female announcer ] plavix is not for everyone. certain genetic factors and some medicines such as prilosec reduce the effect of plavix leaving you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke.
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. >> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: police fly overs are failing to turn up any new bodies in new york today. 10 bodies have been found since december. four prostitutes. a man and toddler are money those victims. >> the mother who drove her minivan into an upstate new york river tuesday with her children inside changed her mind, but it was too late. according to her 10-year-old son who survived, she tried to
10:46 pm
back out of river, but didn't make it. >> ford expanding a recall of their stop selling f-150 pick-up truck pressured by the government to repair an electrical short that can cause air bags to inflight without a crash, injuring drivers. the recall covers more than one million of those trucks. now back to on the record. >> greta: do you get paid to sleep at work? that answer could be yes if you happen to work in a control tower at the airport. not accuse all air traffic controllers. the numbers caught sleeping recently staggering seven times in four states in the last few months. the most recent yesterday in nevada, a pilot was forced to land on his own when the controller didn't spoken. monday a controller in seattle was suspendedded for falling asleep. that -- was suspended for
10:47 pm
falling asleep. sounds scary, but probably not, right? >> it is alarming. i think firemen are the only people who are allowed to sleep on-the-job and a loud gong sounds when it is time for them to go to work. pilots land planes. air traffic controllers don't. the pilots in each one of these cases have landed the plane safely and everything has gone well. they are trained to do this. it is a far less than eye teal situation. but it is not as frightening -- but it is not as frightening as it might seem. air traffic controllers their primary safety job is to keep planes from getting tangled up in the air. they are supposed to keep them separate that has been a greater issue in the last year for controllers. there have been scary events. >> greta: when there is nobody home at the tower you can go to other airports if need be
10:48 pm
lousy if you are a pang. is there risk that late at night you might have two plans trying to land, i guess they have trance reponders and know each other exist in the air? -- >> absolutely. there are airports where pilots routinely land without controllers. there are procedures they talk to each other the pilot will say i've landed now it is clear to come in they know how to handle this. in list anyone to the reportings of the pilots -- in listening to the recordings of the pilots, you heard them taking the appropriate steps to land safely. >> greta: 27 airports now going to add a second controller to spend more money because of the situation with the sleeping ones, because it has been safe. >> we are spending more money. the flying public basketball as alarmed. and you want to make sure that people feel safe we they takeoff.
10:49 pm
in a memo to staff today the public is afraid. they've been made afraid by these instances and we are going to do something about it. the first step is put a second controller in the tower. >> how about firing the ones that are sleeping, is that easy? >> it is a procedure like anything else involving the federal . they are trying to fire the one involved in the knoxville incident. he brought in a blanket because he intended to sleep. they've suspended and may fire, i don't know -- >> greta: suspended with pay? >> i don't know whether he was suspended with pay or not. >> greta: that's another appalling par. the idea that we are paying for extra controllers for something that can be done by one, one brings in a blanket, suspended, not fired maybe getting paid. >> randy babbitt and secretary of transportation lahood are going to take a close look and this may be a time when they
10:50 pm
work to resolve some of these issues that have been outstanding. >> greta: nice to see you. straight ahead, the best of the rest. was president obama's budget speech sincere? rush limbaugh thinks there may have been an ulterior motive. rush will tell you, next. ♪ goodbye [ male announcer ] with kohler's powerful, high-efficiency toilets. flush. and done. [ all ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye from the teachers to the students. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing the way that i look at things." sparking that interest
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. president obama taking a beating from the right and left. critics are blasting him over yesterday's budget speech. was the president decking his speech toward one of his republican colleagues sitting in the front row? rush limbaugh seems to think so. >> there was another hidden perk to the speech. intastes to ryan and the other republicans that was a personal bitch slap that speech yesterday. to have ryan sit in the front row and to give that speech, that was primo, primo insult that was another reason for it. a serious speech? no, it wasn't. >> greta: we report, you decide. >> imagine if this creature came storming towards you. a baby t-rex terrorizing a school cafeteria and it is hungry.
10:55 pm
it was promoting an upcoming event in australia, called walking with dinosaurs. part of an educational program that tours the country. most of the children enjoyed the visit. some were left in tears. and we don't blame them. >> finally, this is just gross. a perfume company has created a unisex cologne that smells like bacon. this sizzling new scent is called bacon. for men it is supposed to smell like spicy may pull. -- maple for the women sizzling citrus. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up, one more quick round before we turn down the lights. was there something funny about the president's budget plan? conan thinks so. your last call is next. welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
10:56 pm
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